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We live in an era of broken families. There is no question about that. Children out of wedlock, unplanned pregnancies, and divorce are the order of the day.

Unfortunately, sometimes parents do not even wait to separate officially before they can have other children from another woman. Yet, family is the most important unit in any society; it is the very reason of our existence.

These issues, and the tremendous change in family, were the core reason for the conference held at UCU on 21st May in the Nkoyoyo hall.

first lady

This conference brought to light many questions that have our families to suffer, fall, and change in such a dynamic manner.  

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Hon Janet Museveni as the Guest of Honour opened the conference with remarks on the contribution to family. “If we have loveless families, we are going to have a loveless nation,” she said. Urbanisation has had a great influence to changes in family but the greatest issue is absent parents,” the First Lady added.

The Vice Chancellor Dr. John Senyonyi addressed the paramount issues that we have forgotten as a result of broken families in the contemporary society. He noted that we live in an era of broken families. Often, we compromise the lessons that are much needed in keeping a family together, in exchange for selfish actions that only gorge our appetite.

Rev. Dr. Sam Luboga, as the key note speaker humoured the audience in a witty and light-hearted speech about various lessons in his family and life as a whole. According to Dr. Luboga, there are a few important habits to adopt in order to keep a family strengthened.

Such as; love in a family is not something you say. It is something you do. Respect your children and the best way is to spend time with them. Eat at least one meal with your family. Show them affection and most importantly lead by example.

Download all the conference papers here

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