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By Ivan Naijuka


The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and the Chancellor Uganda Christian University, The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali has advised UCU community to trust and believe in God’s saving power if they are to keep on the success trajectory.

Speaking during the community worship in his pastoral visit at main campus in Mukono, the Chancellor said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled, as students you have challenges but God’s mercy is sufficient for all of us, please trust Him.” He commended the UCU Community for the warm welcome they accord him each time he visits UCU.

As Archbishop and Chancellor of UCU, The Most Rev. Ntagali makes regular pastoral visits to UCU Main campus and her constituent colleges and campuses to help him bond with the UCU staff and students and appreciate what they are going through, “it would be hard for me to only to preside over graduation of people I don’t know.”

The Archbishop’s approach was applauded chanc2by students. The UCU Guild President Prisca Amongin commended the chancellor for the regular visits, “As students, it is a good thing to see the whole Archbishop guiding us on the right paths of our future” she said.
She added that the regular interactions with the Chancellor encourages them as students, “That really shows how much he cares about us the students and his congregation.”

Amongin’s remarks were re-echoed by John Igumira, a student pursuing a bachelors of arts degree in Mass communication, “He guides us to stay focused morally, spiritually and even academically- I am so much impressed by the way he talks to us as students- he is a real parent- he also calmed us down by telling us that the church is not seated, it is doing all it can in its means to bring sanity in our country.”

The archbishop was at UCU main campus in his pastoral visit that he does every semester to interact with students and staff as the Chancellor and the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. The latest visit saw him visit Bishop Barham University College, a UCU constituent college in Kabale, UCU Kampala campus in the past three weeks. He is due to visit UCU Mbale University College, in next month.

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