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By Ivan Naijuka

Uganda Christian University successfully ended its Trinity (May) semester on 17th August 2017 ending three action-packed months. Some of the notable activities held during the semester include a graduation ceremony at UCU main campus and at UCU Mbale University College and a leadership conference. Others are; the launch of the construction of the UCU Kampala Campus, a health awareness campaign and a visit by the UCU Chancellor who doubles as the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali to UCU main campus.

Students and staff speak out

UCU Students

Like a conqueror, both students and staff did not hide their delight at the end of the semester. “I am so happy, exams are done.
This time we did not have any challenges in printing, and even supervising Exams,” said Jolly Kyarimpa, an Examination Supervisor.

For Joel Masagazi, a lecturer in the department of Education, he is happy because his students finished well. “I have monitored all my students from day one to this very day when they have finished exams. All of them attended my classes save for two who didn’t do exams due to fees problems.”

 Fond memories of UCU

Cissy Mwesige, a first year student of Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) has fond memories of UCU. She says the UCU community is friendly and welcoming,
“I came not knowing what I would find at campus, but UCU has become a home away from home. The students, staff and even neighbors are all good people”, she reminiscences.

Similarly, Duncan Natumanya, a third year student of Bachelor of Arts with Educations (Arts double Main) thanks UCU for nurturing and mentoring him into a more responsible person.

Regrets outside UCU hostels

Duncan was a minister of internal affairs in the 2015-2016 guild cabinet describes his three years at UCU as the most memorable and impactful, “I will never forget UCU, as a fresher, life was good in halls of residence, but when I joined second year and moved to an independent hostel, life was not easy. Sometimes I would sleep hungry but that taught me many lessons and even to hustle.” He added,

“I have nothing bad that I hold against UCU.  This is because anytUCU Studentshing I expected from UCU,
I got it even more than my expectations. UCU has mentored me, spiritually, academically, socially and even politically.”


As students go for holiday, UCU is preparing to receive new and some of the continuing students for the advent new Advent (September) semester, which will begin on August 30th, 2017.


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