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 Uganda Christian University (UCU) opened its doors to new students under its Easter (January) intake on January 4th, 2017. Even after a comprehensive orientation week, it is possible that some students and prospective students could be having unanswered questions relating to student admissions, student records and change of course at UCU. Ms. CHRISTA KYOMYA OLUKA, the Manager of Admissions and Student Records at Uganda Christian University (UCU) responds to such issues in an interview with IVAN NAIJUKA. Excerpts.

  1. Briefly tell us about the UCU Directorate of admissions?

The Directorate of Admissions is responsible for processing all applications of prospective students wishing to join Uganda Christian University. We avail prospective students with information on programs and entry requirements. We process their applications and register students into the university each semester. We also maintain important records pertaining to each student.

  1. What is your advice to students who have just joined UCU in the Easter (January 2017 intake)?

My advice would be to make sure that they get to know all university policies pertaining to students. It is easy to think at the beginning that you do not need certain information because you have not immediately been affected by the situations being addressed by a given policy. However, there is no way of telling whether during your journey as a student you will be affected by issues such as needing to repeat a course, taking a dead year or registration policies. Therefore, it is very important to read all the literature provided to you when you join UCU.

  1. Why should prospective students and parents out their consider UCU as their university of choice?

The level of service that we give our students is exceptional when compared to other options. We are a university that is committed to our students and this is evidenced in the quality of our academics, facilities and staff. Another unique thing about UCU is that we want to give our students not only an education but a “complete education for a complete person”. We don’t only address academics pertaining to one’s chosen profession but we develop our students on issues of character, integrity and faith. Some of UCU’s efforts geared towards a holistic education include the Institute of Faith, Learning and Service that benefits all students and unique foundation courses offered to all students in areas such as Ethics, Worldviews and Health.

  1. Is it possible for a student admitted to a particular course to change to another one?

Students may change to a different course than the one they have been offered admission to on the condition that they qualify and that there is room to accommodate the student in the new course.

  1. If yes, please briefly explain the process of doing that?

The procedure for applying for a new course requires the student to come to the Admissions Office with their current admission letter and complete a brief application for change. The student should also bring with them a receipt indicating payment of Ushs.30,000/- for the change of course. The fee must be paid in the bank or at the cash office on campus. The deadline for change of course is within two weeks of the reporting date.

  1. There have been tendencies of someone applying at a given UCU campus only to be transferred to another campus? Why is that so and under what a circumstance does that happen?

Students are always offered their campus of choice unless their program of choice is not offered at that campus.

  1. Your last word?

UCU offers a unique university experience to students that goes beyond excellent academics and helps them develop on issues that contribute to being a complete person. There is a lot to be taken advantage on campus in terms of academics, co-curricular activities, fellowships, sports and university resources such as the ICT infrastructure and Library. Students are encouraged to take advantage of everything that the university offers. They are always welcome to make enquires in the Admissions Office should they have questions or need support. 

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