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UCU alumni wins innovations award

By Billy Bayo

A Uganda Christian University alumni Simon Ainebyoona, has won an innovations award for his project that involves building houses with polythene bags, sand, murram and barbed wire. Ainebyoona’s invention is an improvement of a project he did for the award of a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering degree in 2017.


The award comes with Shs 3,000,000 (Three Million Shillings) offer. The innovations award is an initiative of the university to reward the best student project with money in order to help students turn their ideas into reality.

“This is my first award and I am very happy about it,” says Ainebyoona joyfully. He says that the award is a blessing to his long held struggle to ease construction.

“I was looking for a solution for the rising cost of building. I needed cheaper means of construction for the community.”

Josephine Nakyeyune, Ainebyoona’s former classmate says that the project will go a long way in helping the community build, as the raw materials for constructions are cheaper than bricks and other materials.


Who is Ainebyoona?

Born 23 years ago in a family of 4 boys and 1 girl in Bushenyi district, Ainebyoona went to St. Mukasa Seminary Preparatory School in Bushenyi for Primary before joining Mbarara High School and Valley College Bushenyi for his O and A level respectively.

He joined UCU in 2013 to study Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering and graduated in 2017.

Why he joined UCU?

As Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked, the best cure for the body is a quiet mind. Such is required for education.

“I was already an engineer and needed a quiet environment for studying. UCU provides the quietness required by a student to succeed. Quietness brings out the creativity and the best in the students. This is the way to go for all the students,” he says.

His journey to the top

Ainebyoona’s journey to success has not been a bed of roses.

“My greatest challenge is finance. Much as I won the Shs 3,000,000 for the innovation, I could not start the construction immediately because the money was not released on time.” His project has also been affected by bad weather because it progresses well during the dry season.

Getting the material was also a challenge despite the fact that they are every day things we see around us, “We do not just use any sand or murram, it has to be a specific type,” he says. Looking back, he says that persistence has propelled him to the top.

Future plans

Despite the hardships and challenges he encountered, he has not taken his eyes off the major goal of reaching greater heights. He wants to be a better civil engineer in the next five years.

He presently works with DOTT SERVICES LIMITED, an engineering and contracting company presently working on Tirinyi-Mbale road.

Ainebyoona also has registered a construction company-Atmap Engineering Services. He wants it to advance his project on a large scale to help the community in their construction needs.

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