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General Information for International Students

Welcome to the International Students Office (ISO) at Uganda Christian University (UCU). The ISO serves all incoming and currently enrolled international students at the Institute. The ISO assists students in maintaining their legal status in Uganda and promotes interaction with and integration into the UCU community at large.

As an international student, we are your home away from home. We help you adapt to Mukono and Uganda and make sure that you have a successful academic and personal experience.

The office of the Directorate of Student Affairs (DOSA) serves all incoming and currently enrolled international students at the University. The DOSA Office assists students in maintaining their legal status in Uganda, and promotes interaction with and integration into the Uganda Christian Univeirsity community.

The DOSA's Office provides the following services:

  • Help students to acquire student pass. A student pass is issued to foreign students intending to study in an institution of higher learning in Uganda if s/he has been accepted in a program of study at a recognized Ugandan institution. A student pass is mandatory for all international students. it is free for all East African students and at 100 US Dollars for the non East Africans.
  • Accommodation is reserved for for international students on campus.
  • Orientation programs for entering international undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Sponsors events and programs to help students adjust to life in Uganda and at UCU, and provides counseling related to emergencies and unexpected immigration problems.
  • Offers transport facilities for new international students. International students, who arrive by both air and bus are picked on arrival in Uganda. However these students have to keep in touch and communicate with the DOSA's office.

For further details, please contact any of the following persons:

The Director of Student Affairs,

Mrs. Olive Ayo Birabi,
Mobile: +256794770808.

Email: aobirabi@ucu.ac.ug,

International Students' Administrator,

Mr. Edgar Kabahizi,
Email: ekabahizi@ucu.ac.ug,

The University is divided into eight groups known as faculties. Each faculty is subdivided into departments.
Key contacts and web links for each are listed for each of the faculties.

Bishop Tucker School

Email: btucker@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0872
Website: www.bptucker.ucu.ac.ug

Business and Administration

Email: business@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0311

Education and Arts

Email: educationarts@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0428
Website: www.educationarts.ucu.ac.ug

Science and Technology

Email: fost@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0830
Website: www.fost.ucu.ac.ug

Health Sciences

Email: heathsciences@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0240


Email: law@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0429
Website: www.law.ucu.ac.ug

Research and Postgraduate Studies

Email: research@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0418
Link: Research and Postgraduate Studies

Social Sciences

Email: socialsciences@ucu.ac.ug
Phone: (+256) 31 235 0871
Website: www.foss.ucu.ac.ug

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