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The University Council is an independent oversight governing body of the University. It sets and approves policies; manages checks and balances to ensure the University fulfills its mandate. The Council consists of different stakeholders among them prominent public and business people, and a representation from the University Staff, Students and Alumni.

Being the supreme Administrative and Financial body of the University, the Council functions through three Boards: the Planning Board, the Finance Board and the Appointments and Staff Welfare Board.

The general functions of the Boards are:

  • The Finance Board oversees the financial administration of the University, including the presentation of the annual budget.
  • The Planning and Development Board oversees the strategic planning, the acquisition and disposition of real property, and the raising of funds for the University.
  • The Appointments Board and Staff Welfare Board oversees the Personnel policy of the University and shall establish positions on the staff and approve appointments to the staff.

The following are the members of the University Council:


1 Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred S. Mwesigwa Chairman Member
2 Mrs. Vivian Igundura Vice Chairperson Member
3 Mr. James Abola Member Member
4 Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi Member (VC) All Boards & AC
5 Prof. Moses Joloba Lutaakome Member Member
6 Mr. Frederick Kibbeddi Member Member
7 Mrs. Victoria Kisarale Member Chairperson (SAB)
8 Mr. Samwiri H. K. Njuki Member Chairman (FB)
9 Mr. Parity Twinomujuni Member Chairman (AC)
10 Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire Member Chairman (ASWB)
11 Prof. Micheal Grace Kawooya Member Member (ASWB)
12 Mr. Vasco Kura Member Member (ASWB)
13 Rev. Canon Amos Magezi Member Member (PDVB)
14 Rev. Canon Johnson Twinomujuni Member Member (ASWB)
15 Mrs. Gladys Florence Oyat Member Member (SAB)
16 Mr. Godfrey William Nkangi-Bazzanye Member Vice Chairman (ASWB)
17 Rt. Rev. Eng. George Bagamuhunda Member Chairman (BBUC Governing Council)
18 Rt. Rev. James William Ssebaggala Member Member
19 Mr. George William Nyeko Member Vice Chairman (FB)
20 Mr. Paulo T. Kyama Member Member (AC)
21 Dr. Fred Kakongoro Muhumuza Member Chairman (PC)
22 Mrs. Jane Frances A. Kabbale Member Vice Chairperson (AC)
23 Mr. James William Serufusa Member Chairman (PDVB)
24 Dr. Micheal Masanza Dean, FOST Member (Senate)
25 Rev. Canon. Dr. Alfred Olwa Dean, BTSTD Member (Senate)
26 Mr. David Opii Olira Alumni Representative Member
27 Ms. Amongi Prisca UCU Guild President Member
28 Mr. Ivan Nsiimire BBUC Guild President Member
29 Dr. Benon Musinguzi DVC (Academic Affairs) Ex-officio
30 Mr. David Mugawe DVC (DER) Ex-officio
31 Rev. Dr. Medard Rugyendo Principal - BBUC Ex-officio
32 Mr. Frederick J. Mpanga University Lawyer In-Attendance
33 Mr. Robert Peace Cengkuru Ag. Director of Finance In-Attendance
34 Mrs. Anny Katabaazi-Bwengye DVC (F&A) Ex-officio / Secretary

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