Boards and Commitees

The University Leadership manages different activities through the following Boards and Committees.

The roles of each of the above roles is indicated below.

Appointments and Staff Welfare Board
  • Consider appointment and employment policies.
  • Appoint and promote certain categories of staff.
  • Interview, recommend appointments/promotions of staff to council in categories CU1-6.
  • Receive reports and advise on worker benefits, wages/salaries, adjustment and progression.
  • Consider Staff Handbooks and Statutes regarding Staff Welfare.
Finance Board
  • Manage funds, assets, property
  • Recommend budgets to council.
  • Assure accounts of income/expense kept.
  • Assure accounts audited every year.
  • Make statement including assets and liabilities.
  • Invest funds in short-term securities for revenue generation for the University
  • Borrow from a Bank or other person upon approval of the council.
  • Set up procedure for procurement and tendering activities.
Planning and Development Board
  • Undertake physical planning for infrastructure and academics
  • Write feasibility studies for fund-rising
  • Oversee maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Advise on technical, professional services required for campus development and planning
  • Recommend contractors, approve procedures.
  • Ensure supervision of all contractors.
  • Cause publications of the University material.
  • Review and coordinate the writing of Strategic Plans.
Student Affairs Board
  • Consider policies relating to welfare and discipline of students, recommend to council.
  • Recommend students’ Guild Budget to Finance Board.
  • Approve students’ schedule of Guild activities.
  • Receive reports from students’ Guild on welfare of the students
  • Receive report from Senate relating to Student Academics.
  • Receive appeals and consider matters on student discipline as stipulated in the statute.

University Management

University Management

Uganda Christian University is led by the Vice Chancellor assisted by a team of Deputy Vice Chancellors and College Principals.

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